Vince Delmonte’s No Nonsense Muscle Building Or “The Skinny Guy Secrets”

Get The Eye-Popping Body Of Your Dreams; Build Muscle Without Getting Fat

How much do you think you know about body building workouts? Vince Delmonte’s program will show you that if you really know how to build solid muscle you wouldn’t be buying more supplements, paying for personal trainers, wasting money on magazines and books with worthless methods to find muscle building programs

Keep reading i am going to show you how Vince’s course will expose the supplement and industry and I’ll share with you the secrets to training and dieting in order to lose weight build muscle in just a matter of weeks … not months!

In Vince’s program you will learn bodybuilding tips such as;

  • Supplements do not work!  Learn exactly what does work. If your diet and excercise program are crap supplements cant help you. And when your diet and excercise program are tight supplements are mostly unneccessary!
  • Shocking, confusing, splitting your muscles to gain muscle fast doesnt work! If you have read more than 1 magazine on body building i am sure you heard someone say that you need to shock or confuse your muscles for best results. They are dead wrong! Burn fat build muscle
  • Copying professional body builders muscle building exercises is a mistake. Champion body builders use drugs and genetics to gain their results but they wont tell you that … their advice will have no relevance for the typical guy or girl who wants to gain muscle fast.
  • Body building magazines are run and owned by supplement companies. That would explain why every other page is an add for a product
  • Not one guy who has acheived a notable physique using muscle building workouts did it on a machine that you can buy at 2am from a 30 minute commercial. Ignore those infomercials.

Test Drive The Secrets That An Awkward and Skinny Long Distance Runner Discovered To Shedding Fat and Packing On Muscle, Building The Body He Always


“Discover How To Build 20-40 Pounds Of Hard Natural Muscle And How To Gain Weight Quickly – Without Steroids, Without ‘Muscle-Friendly’ Genes, Without Any Rehashed Program, Without Any Bogus Supplements And Without Surfing The Internet Ever Again…I Swear!”- Vince Delmonte

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